Secret Cooking Tips – YOU Need to Know!

I am not a huge fan of cooking but I try to make it as fun and simple as possible. Here are some Secret Cooking Tips I have found helpful over the years.  Let me know which ones you knew about and which ones you are going to try.

Secret Cooking Tips

20 Secret Cooking Tips You Need to Know and Wish you knew before this!

Secret Cooking Tips Salt, Salt, Salt

1) Salt, Salt, Salt don’t Be Afraid of Salt everything you cook add just a little bit of salt it will add flavor. When adding salt to boiling water it will increase the boiling temperature. Adding salt to pasta water while it boils adds additional flavor.


How to Pick a Ripe Pineapple

2) How to Pick a Ripe Pineapple?  Pull a leaf out of the top if it comes out easily the Pineapple is Ripe and Fresh! The Pineapple should also be yellow on the outside and a little soft to touch.  After you find a fresh ripe Pineapple here’s a super-easy way to cut it.


Bring Meat to Room Temperature

3) Bring Meat to Room Temperature before placing it on a hot surface, it will cook evenly.


Always let your Meat Rest

4) Always Let Meat Rest for about 5 minutes after you cook it so the juices can redistribute throughout.   If you cut it too soon it can become dried out due to the juices will come out. 


Shake Hard-Boiled Eggs

5) Shake Hard-Boiled Eggs to get the shells off.  When you make hard-boiled eggs either with a Steamer or in water.  Put them in a container with a lid and shake it and the Egg Shells will crack and easily come off. 


Cook Eggs Over Low Heat

6) Cook Eggs Over Low Heat in the morning.  When cooking on high heat, fried eggs can become dry and rubbery. That is not appealing at all.  


Every Kitchen Should Have Scissors

7) Every Kitchen Should Have Scissors you will use them in many different ways.  Scissors can be used to open packages, cut herbs, cut chicken, ribs, bananas, strawberries, you will be amazed at how much you will use them.  


Completely Drying Meat

8) Completely Drying Meat before cooking will give it a crisp golden layer.  Patting your meat dry with a paper towel will not only give you a crispy skin but it will not stick to the pan. 


Never Fully Cook Pasta

9) Never Fully Cook Pasta in boiling water. Cook pasta until it’s al dente, which means the pasta is firm to bite.  Cooking it longer will make it mushy, finish cooking it for a few minutes in the sauce. 


STOP Throwing Away Pasta Water

10) STOP Throwing Away Pasta Water it’s liquid gold to chefs.  This is a Secret Cooking Tips that chefs don’t share.  Starch from the pasta is released into the water and can be used to diluting pasta sauce.  You can also freeze it in ice cube trays and use it in soup, gravy, or stews. 

Super Tip: Pasta water is also great to water your garden and washing your hair.  It’s rich in starch and minerals.


Place Towel Under Cutting Board

11) Place Towel under Cutting Board will keep it from moving while cutting.  You can place a damp or dry towel under your cutting board next time you cut something, and you will notice the difference. 


Never Cook Food to the Correct Time

12) Never Cook Food to the Correct Time because you will end up overcooking it.  Anytime you cook a meal cook it about 1 to 2 minutes less than what it says.  Did you know food continues to cook even after you turn the heat off? 

Stop Washing Off Raw Chicken

13) Stop Washing Off Raw Chicken this is known to be a Big NO NO.  You are not cleaning off bacteria you are actually spreading it around your kitchen.  When you wash off a chicken in your sink your spraying all the bacteria right into your sink.  So please Stop!


Invest in a Thermometer

14) Invest in a Thermometer it will make cooking so much easier.  Take the guessing work out of cooking meat and use an Electric Thermometer to make sure meat is cooked properly.


Secret Cooking Tips - Use Water when Cooking Bacon

15) Use Water when Cooking Bacon sounds insane right.  I was just as shocked as you are but it’s true.  I tried it for myself and I was amazed. When you add water in the beginning it reduces the amount of grease. Keep adding water until the end and then let the bacon crisp up.    


Cooking Tips Add Sugar to Peas

16) Add Sugar to Peas while they are cooking it will bring out the naturally sweet taste of Peas.   It also keeps its bright green color. 


Cooking Tips Put Bread in Hard Homemade Cookies

17) A Slice of Bread in Homemade Cookies will keep them soft.  In a container if your days-old homemade cookies feel hard, just add one slice of bread and the cookies will become fresh soft baked again.  


Read Recipes all the way Through

18) Read Recipes All the Way Through before you even start cooking.  This way you can visualize what the next steps are going to be. 


Stop Using Water

19) Stop Using Water when making Rice, Instant Potatoes, or Couscous use either beef or chicken broth it will add flavor.  It depends on what your main dish is on which broth to use.  It adds additional flavor and you’ll probably use less salt because broth adds a ton of flavor. 


Roll Lemons and Limes

20) Roll Lemons and Limes to get the most juice out of them before cutting.  Lemons and Limes can feel hard and not produce a lot of juice but if you roll them firmly on the countertop before cutting you will get the most juice from them. 


Hope you Enjoyed Our Secret Cooking Tips!  Be sure to check back soon to see what other Secret Cooking Tips we find.  



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