Food Steamer Health Benefits

A Food Steamer is a great delicious healthy way to cook dinner tonight.  The health benefits of steam cooking with a Food Steamer is amazing.  

Fewer vitamins and minerals are lost during the steaming process. Steaming locks in the minerals, nutrients, and juices keeping food moist.

Quart Healthy Food Steamer

When food is steamed it retains its bright color, taste, and texture so less flavor is lost.

You can steam just about any kind of food you can think of.  Some of the best-tasting food to steam are vegetables, potatoes, fruits, rice, and seafood.  Bet you didn’t know you can even make perfect hard-boiled eggs in a steamer.  Yep, it’s true!!

There are also some great accessories to go along with the Food Steamer. 

How does a Food Steamer work?Food Steamer Vegetables

Ancient Chinese for centuries have cooked with Food Steamers.  Over the years, they have really changed and improved in time.

They use to be just two vessels or pots on top of each other, then it was a wicker type baskets. Most of the time they were just used for making rice.  

All you do is fill the lower chamber with water, the water heats up to a boil.

After the water boils it creates steam which rises to the upper trays and slowly cooks your food.  Steaming food is a light way of cooking that allows the flavors to stand out. 

Now with the technology Food Steamers have improved a lot.  There are several different types, you can purchase small sizes just for rice or larger sizes like a 2 or 3 tier layers to make an entire meal. 


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