PowerXL Air Fryer Reviews & Tips

With all the raves recently about Air Fryers among my family and friends, this weekend I broke down and purchase the Power XL Air Fryer Vortex.  I decided to give the PowerXL Air Fryer Reviews & Tips.

Since using it a couple of times this weekend, I figured out a few things pretty fast.  Tips, I wish someone would have told me about these tips before using an Air Fryer

Power XL Air Fryer Reviews

Power XL Air Fryer is a pretty cool-looking Kitchen Gadget as gadgets go.  I purchased the 5-Qt first and when I got home, I thought it might be too small for what I wanted to cook in it.  So, I returned it the same day and got the 7-Qt for an extra $20 which was well worth it.  

My First Impression

I opened the box, and everything was packaged well.   It included an instruction and recipe booklet which was nice to have recipes to try.  I read the instructions first to make sure I was using the Air Fryer properly.

Be sure to follow the preheat instructions to burn off any leftover factory residue. I turned it on for the recommended 3 minutes to burn off the factory smell, and it did have an odor.

Frozen Chicken Wings in Air Fryer

I was excited to get cooking, so my first try was frozen chicken wings.  Yes, I said frozen.  I placed the PowerXL Air Fryer Vortex on my quartz countertop just like I do with all my Kitchen Gadgets.  

Then placed the frozen chicken wings in the basket and seasoned them as recommended in the recipe booklet.  I turned on the PowerXL Air Fryer for 15 minutes, as instructed in the recipe booklet, and waited for it to cook.  The machine is a little noisy with the heat and air blasting out back.

During the 15-minutes cooking time, I heard a pop noise in my home and didn’t know what it was.  We looked around but didn’t notice anything wrong.

My family enjoyed the Chicken Wings they turned out crispy and delicious.  The next time I pull out the Air Fryer was to cook Chicken Breast, yes, we eat a lot of chicken in our home.  (Our Favorite Chicken Recipes)

I heard another pop noise and looked around again, but this time I noticed a crack in the countertop under the Air Fryer.  We were shocked, but it made sense after I thought about it.  The countertop was cold, and the Air Fryer was blowing out Hot Air. 

Thankfully after the cooking was complete and the PowerXL Air Fryer was put away, the crack seemed to expand again, and you couldn’t see the crack.

PowerXL Air Fryer Reviews &Tips

Do not place your PowerXL Air Fryer directly on your countertop.  Use either a Cutting Board or Countertop Protector with Heat Resistant.  The Heat Resistant Mats are between $15 to $40 and that is a lot less expensive than a new countertop.

Use parchment paper or aluminum foil at the bottom for easy cleaning and it will prevent food from sticking.  But don’t put the parchment paper in during preheating it will get sucked up to the top of the Air Fryer.

Preheat your Air Fryer before cooking.  Preheating will circulate the hot air around the Air Fryer and food will start cooking right away.  Just preheat for between 3 to 5 minutes.

Leftovers are delicious in the Air Fryer.  Reheat rolls, hamburgers, chicken, pizza, just about anything.  Especially pizza because I would reheat it in the microwave and the dough would get very hard and chewy. 

To prevent the Air Fryer from smoking when cooking fatty foods like chicken wings, put a little bit of water at the bottom.  This way the grease doesn’t sit on the bottom and start to smoke.  But don’t put too much water in you don’t want it to touch the tray

Do not crowd your food in the Air Fryer.  Hence the word Air, the machine uses hot air to cook the food, so don’t overcrowd your food.  Each piece of food will not cook evenly, so make sure to leave a little bit of room between your pieces.

Cooking times may vary by Air Fryers and each piece of food.  Make sure to check with a digital thermometer that every piece of food is cooked at the correct temperature.

For crispy food spray it with Avocado Oil or Coconut Oil on both sides.  It will crisp the top and bottom of your food and not stick to the tray.


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