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BBQ Chicken Quarters

Barbecue Chicken Quarters

Barbecue Chicken Quarters Want to make delicious Barbecue Chicken Quarters without firing up the grill? By using any type of Rotisserie, you …

Meatball Recipe in the Copper Chef Pan

Authentic Italian Meatball Recipe

Authentic Italian Meatball Recipe Print Recipe CourseMain Dish CuisineItalian KeywordBeef Servings Prep Time 4 people 10 minutes Cook Time 25 minutes Servings …

Chicken Parmesan Recipe Baked

Chicken Parmesan Recipe Baked

Chicken Parmesan Recipe Baked using Cooper Chef This is a Chicken Parmesan Recipe without breadcrumbs.  There is no frying with this Chicken …

Best Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

Quick Easy Meatballs Recipe

One So you have a craving for Meatballs tonight for dinner, but there isn’t enough time to cook them in your Crockpot.  …

Brown Sugar Salmon

Best Grilled Salmon Recipes

Looking for a simple worry-free way to cook Salmon Fillets? Well, you just stumbled on to it. This is one of the easiest …

Chili Dogs

Best Chili Hot Dogs Recipe

What do you do the day after you make the Spicy Hot Chili? What do you make??? You make some delicious Chili …